What is The Brew List?

The Brew List is a place where homebrewers can come and find out everything they need to know about their beer and where aspiring brewers can come to read and learn more about homebrewing.

I want to try and solve a big problem in homebrewing which is that everyone is guessing. People don’t know what recipes to use, how much alcohol their beer is going to have, what colour it will be, how bitter, etc. Some homebrewers don’t care about any of this and just drink what they’ve made. But if you’re like me, you do care and you want to try and make better beer with every brew.

Throughout my brewing life, I have blindly trusted brewing software and recipe creators that they have the right formulas and sources. My mission at The Brew List is to make the homebrewing industry more transparent. I will provide the most accurate formulas and sources in the industry and make it available to as many people as possible (not just professional brewers)

Who is behind all of this?

My name is James and I am a software developer from Australia with a big passion for brewing beer. I have been homebrewing for a few years now and I have used every brewing software/website I could get my hands on. After all my years of brewing I noticed that there were no straightforward homebrew website for brewers who wanted to know exactly how their beer was going to look and taste.

So I decided to make one for myself. Combining my experience with website development with my passion for science and homebrewing, I got to work and created The Brew List. For now it is a collection of 15 calculators and converters, which I am integrating and making better with every version.

What is the plan for the future?

The calculators and converters that are on the website now will always be free for everyone to use with no ads and only affiliate links to support them. In the future I will be creating more complex calculators that will take a bit more time to develop on my part (recipe creator, BIAB calculators, sharing/listing recipes, etc). To use these calculators I will charge a (small) monthly or yearly subscription.

I will also be adding a knowledge base and some blog posts so you know how I’m going. If you want to keep updated, please sign up for the newsletter on the homepage :)

If you have any features you would like to see in these calculators and converters, just let me know by emailing hello@thebrewlist.com and I will reply to you personally within 48 hours.

Happy brewing!